How to find a job as a developer – HackYourFuture

Maandag 21 maart 2022, 12:00 – 13:00 uur
A clear overview of the HackYourFuture program, its course contents and selection criteria. We will also discuss why we have been so successful at finding jobs for 400 people already. Active in the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark, HackYourFuture believes in a world where education and quality jobs are accessible for all. We train refugees, and other disadvantaged groups to become web developers and software testers through a free intensive 7-month program. After the education track, graduates start their careers with an internship or job at one of our partner companies. We have helped more than 200 of our graduates in the Netherlands, and over 400 worldwide, into meaningful, high-quality jobs.


IT-profile: Developer & Tester

Target audience: Nieuwkomers

Region: Netherlands

Language: English

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